Four pieces from my series Sweet Nothings are part of the show Formicidae at the Roy C. Moore Art Gallery at the University of North Georgia - opening tomorrow!

Catcher, Center, Power Forward

Since I just did a big redesign and did some housecleaning in the process, I wanted to re-post some of the work that is no longer elsewhere on the site, like these sports paintings from early 2012:

Good & Plenty

My thesis show, Good & Plenty, opens tomorrow at 5G North Gallery in Albuquerque.  I would love to see you there!

Lawn Ornaments

This is one of my favorite lithographs from the Tamarind collaborative class I took last spring.  For some reason it never made it on to my site anywhere, so I thought I'd share it now.

We made the print using thermafax powder, the same heat-activated material used on your average business card. The powder was a bit old and unpredictable, but I love the raised surface and texture (apparent in the second detail image below) on the otherwise smooth print.

I also made one in plastic flamingo pink!

Open Studios

If you're in Albuquerque come and see what everyone's been up to.  My piece, Couples' Skate, is part of the Counterpoints/Counterparts exhibition as well!