Sentimental Impropriety

Check out Ana Medina and I's show Sentimental Impropriety up at Eggman & Walrus Gallery in Santa Fe through February.  Here are some installation shots and short blurb by curator Emma Stein:

The paintings and photographs of Ana Medina and Jamie Kovach critically engage traditional conceptions of nostalgia, sentimentality and materialism within a familiar visual rhetoric of consumer culture and iconographic Americana.  Medina and Kovach’s placement of familiar objects, narratives and icons of Americana in varying frames of questionable propriety create distinctly contemporary forms of surreality.

Medina’s scenes of daily life capture the artist’s time and place within social history in a universally relatable way.  Changing social dynamics, the evolution and demise of traditions, consumer culture, and reinterpretations of ideas about gender, family, ethnicity, and age appropriateness (specific to her generation and American perspective) are dialogues that permeate each painting.

Jamie Kovach’s carnivalesque narratives combine iconographic representations of male and female organism with a nostalgic mobilization of the sentimental Americana aesthetic of paint-by-numbers.