East Austin Studio Tour

Stop by and say hi (and see some of my paintings) this weekend and next during the East Austin Studio Tour - Nov 14-15 and 21-22.

I'm at Canopy (916 Springdale Rd) in Building 2 at the Whitebox Studio - E.A.S.T. #164

Pete & Repeat

Opening tomorrow: Pete & Repeat: New work by Jamie Kovach at the Oveta Culp Memorial Gallery at Central Texas College.  The opening reception is this Thursday the 29th - I'll be giving a short talk on my work at 5 pm, so if you're in the area be sure to stop by!



Follow me @jamiekovach for updates, new work, and fun...


Pink Frosted, from the Sweet Nothings series, was accepted into the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center's annual contemporary photography exhibition, open June 12 - August 30. If you're in the area, you should definitely check it out - it looks like a great show! See a sneak peak from their facebook page below (look at all that pink!):

Experiments with frosting

Long ago, I filed muscles cars into the same category as birthday cakes in my brain โ€“ the candy-coated sheen on a sleek 442 has always made my heart stop. There is something about the presentation of these powerful machines that I find so undeniably attractive. Much like birthday cakes and other โ€œjust becauseโ€ desserts, these beauties are as much about an alluring and celebratory presentation as their substance, both indulging in and capitalizing on their own desirability.

I recently started experimenting with this combination of ideas, creating paintings (or sometimes painted dioramas) of muscle cars, but using frosting in the place of paint. So far, I am definitely labeling them experiments โ€“ but weโ€™ll see where they lead to next!